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  1. Kyzn

    Eryic? Montage

    coming today. obs is shit xD
  2. Kyzn

    Counter Game

    Just want to start some forum action. So here is a GAME,. Its easy. So i start with 1 the next one saying 2 and the next one 3. if a ADMIN/STAFF says stop we have to restart from 1 Rules: You have to wait for the next befor you say the next number! So i start. 1
  3. Kyzn

    H1Z1 Review

    Hey h1 lovers ? After 4h playing with proofcore, i want to give my review. ESP: 8/10 AIMBOT: 9/10 MENU: Simple, doing his job. ESP, its cool you can see all what you need, but 1 thing would be rly rly nice. The distenc like 50m away... Aimbot is nice but not rly on head everytime. But you hit everything so dont worry the kill is yours. i will use it for a rly rly long time and hope for some updates ? Thanks for the Cheat. Sorry for my shitty english.
  4. My first game i was playing was Combat arms EU, i saw one with telekill and he got unlimited specs. I was searching for it to, yea this is my story. I cheated on Metin, H1, Csgo, Call of duty, Pubg, Rust, *******s six ***** and some shitty games. I mean im not Bad but yea i want to be better than normel

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