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  1. Just some Clips ?
  2. Hey Guys since i got my Apply Yesterday i want to write a little Review. Menu 10/10 ESP 10/10 Aimbot 9/10 Its nice to have the Option so u can Set ur Hotkey for Aimlock Head/Body Bulletdrop and Velocity Setting so u can even get the Aimbot even better Working. Smooth and FoV as Usual The only 2 Things i got, thats why Aimbot gets 9/10, the Aimlock to the head is a little bit offset so ur Crosshair is like on Chin Level and u need to wait a little bit before u can fast 2 Tap some1 on the Distance. Aswell IDK why but u can go below 1 for example Smooth you can set the Smooth level to -1 but it still says 1 and if u aimlock u shoot into the Ground. So u have to play a little bit up and down untill u really get 1 Smooth. But besides that its an Fantastic Cheat. Everything is working properly and u can even beat Chinese Players with there Harcore Rage Free garbage cheats. Sorry for my bad England ? Video coming Soon.!
  3. Hmm i got VaC banned on 8 Accounts by CSGO , 3 Account trough my Time in H1, Got multiple Gamebans and the List goes on. IDK i usually dont Cheat to win, acutally i cheat cauz its fun. At some Point in my Life i wish i would never cheated cauz i dont know my normal skill cauz i cheat in every game ? so yeah thats my Experience. BTW first game i cheat was Counter Strike Source ^^ back at the old days with a free cheat called Holzed or what ever i dont remember ? Looooong Time ago ?

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