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  1. Hello, after trying a bunch of other DayZ cheats with many outcomes such as glitchy ESP and countless of bans I came across ProofCore through a friend of mine and it's probably one of the best and smoothest cheats I've gotten my hands on throughout all cheats I've ever used. There's a lot different good things about the cheat such as many features, a very convenient menu that offers you easy access to all the different features in the 3 categories that the hack got.One of the main features people look for in a DayZ cheat is the ESP and ProofCore comes with a very handy one that has tons of superb features in this category. Some of the main features that I like that I haven't seen other cheat suppliers have is Skeleton and Weapons for other players, Skeleton shows you easily through walls where your enemy is aiming and Weapons shows which Primary weapon/item they have equipped. Some other good features are the Item ESP where you can filter which items you want to appear on the monitor. You can choose the Player/Zombie/Item draw distance which is a very cool feature to be legit. I'd rate the ESP 10/10 due to some really handy features and there's still room for improvements to make it even better! Recommendation: Make the hack compatible with the mods, there are some very often used mods like Arma Weapon Pack and so on.The Aimbot that ProofCore come with also has a lot of handy features that will make you run over your enemies. This aimbot will surely make you hit every bullet you shoot with the feature Instant Hit, Silent Aim. It also comes with a changeable FOV and a feature which draws the FOV. Along with all these superb features you're able to customize your aimbot key and change where you want your aimbot to aim (Head, Leg). I'd rate the Aimbot 8/10 it's an excellent aimbot with many good features however I miss the friend check function.Other features that come with the cheat is Latitude change which means you can change the game time(Man, everybody chills on Namalsk in a shelter or house, and you make the game time to day, and you're see everything.) You have also Show Server function which is good if you forgot what server you're connecting to, and also you have show position. You have something called Throttle, but I don't know what it's for. Since this is an external chair, you can stream with that, and I tested for 4 hours, on stream you can see nothing. I'd rate the other features 8/10 there's still room for improvements I think. The safety of the loader is unquestionable, you have 2 minutes to start the game when loading. That means the ''Good Guys'' have 2 minutes to reverse engineer the loader, after 2 minutes the hack will disappear from the process. Unfortunately, I got a BSOD many times, but I feel like I can compromise on that. I'd rate the Loader and Security 9/10. Sorry, my English is not the best, but I hope you can understand it.Thanks for reading my review and I hope it helps your judgement.
  2. Don’t kill yourself, get up from the litter and go to work, have your way in life and everything will be perfect.

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