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  1. hhh but watch out use a spoofer when u do that. u might get hwid baned and banned on the main too what is a good wepone combo for legit hacking in ur opinion
  2. ah nice. but u should really go allways chest man, they die really fast too with that and headshots are very obvious
  3. nice one man can u tell me ur settings ? what is ur fov smooth and key bind pls
  4. been using it for a week now and have to say that this apex tool is the best right now, most of the other cheats got me banned in few days this one is lasting for sure in apex u can see who is observing u in normal games so u can be very safe with manual bans just dont go crazy raging and in ranked dont use aim bot alot just esp is enough all in all great tool and i would buy it every month for sure
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