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  1. Wait, it doesn't have a script injector? How did you spawn an explosion or robbed someone that far away?
  2. Quite bad. We've just had a second wave. Right now it's calming down again a bit... hoping my mother and I wont get infected again.
  3. Like the fact that you've written a Pro/Cons list, can't wait to get the cheat.
  4. Nice review, glad to see the cheat seems to keep it's promise! Can't wait to (hopefully) get a chance to use it.
  5. Timber

    My introduction

    Hey there, Since there's no introduction section I figured I would do it here. Hope that's fine! My name's Marcel and I'm gaming since basically all my life. I've also been cheating since years. I've had a small break but I'm continuing dominiation since a while now. Also, I love dogs too much. My dream is to work in a dog hotel :D. They are just the best things alive. I'm really desperate for a working DayZ cheat. That's why I'm registering here and I hope my application will turn out positive. Also, I want to join the community. I'm very interested in getting to know the community and be an active guy, not just use the cheats and disappear :D. And no, I'm not saying that just to get my hands on the cheats. That's all I have to say to be honest.. I hope you welcome me here!
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