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  1. nah it doesn't as much doing the settings like, it's really un noticeable, they're well aware of the issue when or if they're fixing it rn is to be stated i'm pretty sure.
  2. Aimbot: 9/10 The only reason the aimbot will not get a 10/10 from me is due to the show FOV not working but that it the most minor of things and will undoubtedly be fixed in the full release all the rest from the smart bullet to the yet again flawless silent aim that we all knew from the legacy build THIS. AIMBOT. IS. LEGIT. seriously good, never ran into issues, stay owning, perfect for legit and rage and a little in-between. Misc: 8/10 this is the part why we all load up the beta build, the no sway and no fatigue are seriously under rated as to how useful they are the only reason not for the 9 or the 10 is the lack of what could be there, maybe a no recoil and others, however of course to keep an open mind it's a beta and things like this are to be suggested, noted down and made into a reality for us to use. Player: 10/10 I couldn't ask for much more from this area of the cheat, the freeze feature fantastic for trolling people, launch up and down for the same purpose not only gets people left confused but laughing hysterically, this section is really fun for the person that is about a little more than just the pvp. (search feature would go nicely) Weapon: 9/10 From my personal opinion this has been flawless and undetected on servers of use, LOVE the fact that you can give people directly the guns I have let people run around and BOOM there is a mk200 sitting on their back and the people around are throwing accusations while the person sits their confused as to how it even happened. makes mass rdming a server VERY FAST due to not having to save up for a decent gun, you can just spawn it with the appropriate ammo, I would like to see a search feature in this however. Projectile: 10/10 Simple, Fast, Powerful all you could ask for a feature of a cheat and this delivers all three, from grenades to missiles all at the tips of your fingers within the press of a button you can bring the whole of Kavala down to it's knees in rubble. OVERALL 10/10 Although not all features got a 10/10 the continued streak of being undetected remains of course the deciding factor in the choice of this cheat vs others. Support team will work tirelessly to get something to work with whole documents dedicated for every single issue you can run into in this software. Features are coded wonderfully and never fail to impress, this cheat really fires on all cylinders. AND THIS IS THE BETA... THERE IS MORE TO COME!!! if you're here for advertised features well you're in luck because you get them + more with the beta release, personally my go to when playing the game.
  3. This isn't going to be an insanely complex review but let me address one things off the bat, this is one of the best/helpful communities/staff teams i have yet to come across in ANY community let alone the cheating community. ESP: 8/10 The ESP caused me multiple issues upon my first day using the cheat however with the help of another member of the community i have diagnosed the issue being seen all across the forum known as "LAGGY/DELAYED ESP" essentially the ESP is external so you're never going to get it as 1-1 as an internal, i'm sure the devs have their reasons for making it external (probably for the safety of all of us) but the better your game runs the better the ESP will look / more smooth it will look, i have a thread covering this whole issue on the forums HERE:
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