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  1. For sure, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have ?
  2. I play modded. Turn off your the skeleton ESP feature. It creates massive lag, however, it is being fixed in the recoding they have been working on for awhile now. Should be released soon to fix that and the item ESP (toggling distance). ? Cheers bud.
  3. This cheat is pretty phenomenal, and below i'll be breaking it down and explaining my opinion on each category this cheat has to offer. Player ESP - 9/10 The player ESP works quite well, although at times it gets a little crazy showing "players" that do not exist or if you're randomly spraying 200 rounds from a PKM mag it shows different numbers etc. randomly. Same happens when you kill someone at times it will show a ton of random lines of text over the players body. With this being said, it goes way almost instantly. Longest I've seen it take to go away was roughly 10 seconds. I have found that sometimes the ESP for a player will pop up and disappear randomly (well within the 1000m range of ESP). This doesn't happen all the time, but sometimes it does. Not really too big of a deal. All in all Player ESP is exactly what I figured it would be apart from Skeletons making you drop to 11 frames, but that's being fixed in the recode from what I have heard. Fairly simple to just toggle Skeletons off though and ESP works smoothly afterwards. Zombie ESP - 10/10 To be fair, I never use this option because I am not worried about zombies at all, but from what bit I've tested it works pretty smoothly. Item ESP - 8/10 Works pretty well, obviously existing customers may have noticed there is an ESP limit as to how far away you can see items, which is 50m. With this being said, I have found no real issues with Item ESP I only rate it an 8 because of the fact there is a 50m range currently, but with the recoding of the cheat there will be a working option to toggle your item ESP distance (only out to 1000m limit). Apart from that, even in modded servers in high loot areas, I get little to no lag using item ESP. Clearly there would be no point you ever need to have every single item category toggled on which I'm sure would create lag/crashes. All in all this portion of the cheat serves its purpose and works quite well apart from the 50m limit at the moment. The categories below are the items you can toggle on and off to see. Name Distance Weapon Ammo Food Inventory Item Clothing Attachments Heli Crashes Medical Corpse Vehicle Aimbot - 10/10 This works very well. I have had absolutely zero issues with this feature. The only time it hasn't properly worked is whenever a player is laying down. In DayZ specifically the hitbox of a player can sometimes become quite shit depending on how the player is laying, terrain and etc. but I do not relate this to being an issue with the tool as it's more of a DayZ problem. As most of you who play DayZ will know, the game is buggy as hell in itself. If you're not trying to seem like a blatant cheater and play less sus then I recommend using a small FOV (75 is what i've been using and it's basically as if I was playing legit apart from ESP). Tips When loading into a server, immediately open the menu before loading in and turn off your Item ESP (settings reset each time you close and inject). This will prevent from causing extreme lag and crashes. Sometimes I turn off my Player ESP as well just to be safe. As soon as i'm completely loaded into the server I just turn my Player ESP back on. I almost never use my Item ESP but if you do turn it on make sure you toggle off all of the random shit you aren't looking for specifically. It will save you some frames in the long run. Conclusion This tool is exactly what it says it is. I've been completely undetected so far, and I have enjoyed it quite a bit. The verification process is worth the minimal effort it requires, and the price is a personal opinion I suppose but I find it to be quite fair for a reputable community and a undetected cheat. This thing is everything you're looking for in a cheat, and I couldn't be more pleased. The community is great and the staff is extremely helpful. I honestly don't know what else I could say to convince you to BUY THIS PRODUCT. I hope you enjoyed my review, and if you have questions even after becoming a verified member you can PM me on the forums. I usually scroll through them 10-15 times a day. I know you may want to go to another community to get the cheat for cheaper etc, whatever your reason may be, but you pay for what you get and please keep that in mind.

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