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  1. Hello Proofcore forums! I wanted to take some time and write this review out after I've spent about a month using Proofcore's Apex Legends cheat. In short, it's been a fun experience using the tool. I'm a casual player and usually fool around in trios, but will play in ranked randomly. The ESP works as advertised. Rarely do I use the aimbot, but when it is activated it does not have any problems whatsoever and does a great job tracking/staying on top of enemies. The configuration of the smoothness/FOV works as intended and can adjust the aimbot to work almost like an "aim assist." Overlay 10/10 This section is to discuss the overlay for using the Apex Legends cheat. Basically, after accessing the .exe file you provide your login credentials, and after that you are able to configure the Apex cheat before injecting and hopping in the game. It's very simple to understand, so I'm going to give it a perfect score here. I will mention that common issues like HWID errors or crashes will happen at some point to you, but I think that these are inevitable issues that will occur in any file/program loader. For example, a common HWID error is having multiple monitors running. I currently need to have one monitor off in order to play - this might be resolved with having an HWID reset, but I digress. The overlay works just as intended. ESP 9/10 The ESP does a great job of showing where the enemies is simple as that. Nothing too fancy with it, which I appreciate it. That in itself (the ESP working) is my main reason of giving it a 9. Where the other point goes (and these are minor things that are either under maintenance/to be worked on) is the following: - Item loot: cannot disable - Currently no ESP distance meter (down the future, perhaps?) - ESP glow/chams: Shows body when visible outside of cover The three items I mentioned above I think are very minute and easy to disregard. The ESP works, plain and simple. You will have an easy time spotting out where enemies are on the map. Aimbot 9/10 To be honest, I do not use the aimbot a whole lot. The times I have configured it for use, the tracking on enemies is done either toward the head or body (based off whatever bind I have set at the time). It does well from the close, mid, and long ranges that I have tested in trios and in ranked. It's a real fun time when using this in tandem with guns like the Longbow, Sentinel, and currently in S8 the 30 30. It is easy to go full blatant on this, and at the same time it is very configurable to where you can have semi-legit/legit play without looking obvious. In addition to ESP, I believe the aimbot is a core for a lot of users and that it needs to be fully functional. I think Proofcore's Apex cheat does just that. Overall 9/10 To wrap up, I recommend purchasing this cheat if you are looking for one to use on Apex. The ability to play rage/semi-legit/legit is there. ESP and aimbot work as advertised and I have had a blast using it in S7/S8. I have played on three accounts so far and have experienced no issues with bans. Taking into consideration that using this cheat can lead to a ban AT ANY TIME, it is nice to see that I have not been hit with anything (albeit I do not use the aimbot; ESP is very bannable and noticeable in itself, but playing smart will relieve this issue). The Proofcore team behind this Apex cheat are an awesome group of people and I am very appreciative that patches are usually met with an updated cheat within a day or two. The Discord support has been great, and I know that whenever I need help I'll be able to get an answer within a couple hours. If any readers have any questions, let me know by posting in the thread and I'll be happy to answer anything that I did not touch on here. Happy cheating, folks!
  2. My first game I cheated in was Crossfire by Z8games, back in middle school/high school. I was tired of getting stomped so hard, haha.
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