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  1. The cheat would of had downtime if it was anything to be concerned about
  2. All cods and overwatch have never been detected since the release of the cheat that proofcore offer. The only bans people are getting for COD is shadowbans and that is due to their playstyle, if you play semi legit you will be completly fine. Same goes for overwatch I managed to play ranked all the way up to Master as a dps and never been called out for anything
  3. They're not message them on discord and wait for a reply they do have a life
  4. If you're wishing to pay via this method please contact a reseller
  5. Yes as long as you provide the correct, documents that are required we have many Chinese users
  6. Yes you can, just make sure you're not using the same name in discord as the server you connect with
  7. Is there a minimum age that is required to apply & purchase the cheats? No, there is no required minimum age. Age is just a number, we care way more about your “mental age”. As long has you have the ID that is required in the application you can apply
  8. The dev doesn't really comment on stuff on the forums, but I'm sure a staff member will forward it to someone
  9. It will just take you to a page that says this product is no longer available
  10. I believe the battlefield 2042 product has been discontinued for the foreseeable future.
  11. Enjoy you handsome people 🙂
  12. If you're being obvious with it then the admin will ofc be watching you closely, like Mr Yoda suggested just use esp if you really want to be safe and not get caught by an admin
  13. They were legit settings however I forgot the config

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