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  1. Yes, in May 2020, has never been found, you can find the answer you want from https://proofcore.io/status/
  2. 【PUBG】Real experience evaluation ESP 9/10 The ESP function is good, it shows items and enemies, health, range, etc,FPS drops slightly.But not very much. AIMBOT 10/10 AIMBOT is perfect. One thing I really like about AIMBOT is that it has No recoil, which is very important. You can customize 2 different buttons for ,Custom aiming speed, in Na and EU there is a monitoring system where the speed of automatic aiming determines whether you are being watched and judged as a cheating player,"Proofcore" does very well, it looks very legal when the autoaim speed is set very high conclusion Proofcore. IO is the best cheat on the market right now,It hasn't been found since May 2021,This is good news for some players whose accounts are very valuable,You can safely take the precious account to use.I suggest you try this product The product has Streaming/Recording, which is a very good function for live broadcast personnel. You can boldly use it during live broadcast, and the audience will not see it. If you think my evaluation is helpful to you, please like or like
  3. When you pass the application, you can try
  4. I turned off these two functions, the game never crashes again, I hope it can help you
  5. Try to turn off recoil / spread, and the game won't crash
  6. Z1 Comments [Real Comments] ESP function9/10 - The ESP function worked well and no FPS drop was observed. The overall flow was smooth - Suggestion: Would you like to add a shortcut key to display items so that you can press the shortcut key to turn off ESP when the enemy is near to make it easier to see where the enemy is AIMBOT function10/10 - You can set up two auto-aim buttons, which is great ,Custom adjust smooth speed,This function is also perfect overall Problems encountered - My game font is Simplified Chinese, I found that some items displayed the name is garbled, this may be related to my game font is Chinese conclusion - After a few hours of play, I found I fell in love with the cheat,I won almost every game and my account was not banned "PROOFCORE" features security. Cheating goes undetected for a long time,My advice to anyone who is still hesitating is to stop hesitating at this point This cheat is safe and worth buying If my comment is helpful to you or you like to give me a "like" YouTube prohibits access to China, so I can't make videos and upload them. I can only send photos of game victory. Later, I will try to solve this problem and record videos
  7. Splitegate Review【NEW】 【ESP】10/10:ESP functionality is almost perfect.You can customize the color and content displayed,The most important thing is that FPS doesn't drop 【Aimbot】10/10:AIMBOT is generally excellent,You can set up 2 AIMBOT buttons,One on the body and one on the head Can greatly improve your acting skills without anyone noticing,When in danger, press the button locking the head to easily kill the enemy, and when safe, press the button aiming at the body AIMBOT is almost perfect 【MISC】9/10:recoil/spread When these two features are turned on, my game crashes Overall this is a very good cheat, never caught, I have been playing this game for several hours, every game is slaughtered to the first place, very cool, so I recommend buying Splitegate Cheat Trust me, you won't regret it Give me a thumbs up if you like it
  8. 中国玩家申请指南 申请步骤如下 1.首先准备好自己的身份证或护照和一张白色干净的纸 2. 填写表格要求如实填写自己的姓名/年龄/地区/(表格信息要和本人或护照内容填写国家/地区,如果你不想被接受) (身份证或护照拍摄正反两面-身份证或护照上面的信息一定要看得清楚-) 3.纸上按照求写社区proofcore.io/社区地址/申请日期(如实填写)白纸保持干净打开 4. 手持白纸或护照/补充三张手拿纸拍摄或五官谨慎遮挡自己或证件/白纸上的信息,以便了解 5.最重要的一点提交申请后请耐心等待审核,不要催促管理员/不要辱骂管理员/管理员不要轻视只要按照要求如实会顺利通过 希望下一个会成为PROOFCORE成员的会是你 Hope more people get help, do not attack or insult the community manager, this is the least respect 如果这篇文章对你所有帮助请点赞
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