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  1. You can try to contact mark
  2. I'm not sure whether the system of the Internet cafe supports it. It's better to use the home computer. Good luck
  3. Usually, Internet cafes cannot use this cheating
  4. Few people play, and I don't think proofcore will consider
  5. proofcore.io is a necessity for you to play the game, you can't leave him and he will always be with you.
  6. gator


  7. Can be used in live streams, stream proof
  8. Patience waiting to be back online, I don't think it will be long
  9. this opinion may only be useful to you personally。
  10. I don't think kakao servers are supported
  11. You can choose email verification, you will receive an email, and then you can re-scan the QR code with your phone to get the latest Google token
  12. I think it should support AMD, and it is recommended to update to the latest 21H2 system, but your current system also supports it
  13. gator


    Maybe in the future
  14. 不要再论坛发布任何关于个人的联系方式或者这种QQ群,小心被禁止
  15. Never leave proofcore IO because it's really good

  16. Please read the cheat section: https://proofcore.io/getting-started/
  17. You got it wrong, I mean, how to setup legal cheats
  18. Unfortunately Alipay payment is not supported, but you can check the reseller's https://proofcore.io/forums/profile/2286-mar1k/ Please use English, not Chinese
  19. I'm sorry, I can only help you here friends, you wait patiently

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