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  1. You will ned one if you are HWID banned or if you do not want to risk your actual HWID getting banned in the event of a ban.
  2. bf 2042 is released btw incase u were still wondering
  3. I dont personally use it but I heard TorGuard works
  4. mmmmmmm rare steak mmmm cow still mooing mmmmmmm best way to eat it
  5. Kopfner


    Put your buer on the mic
  6. post this in the suggested
  7. It depends if you got reported or not. PUBG also has weird things in place that track mouse movement and make it easy to tell if ur using aimbot I think. Everytime I used the PUBG cheat I was banned other than when I never used aimbot.
  8. It hasn't but PUBG manual bans also and the clips in that video are obvious as fuck lol
  9. why cheat on account with so many skins
  10. Kopfner


    hello hazy, my name is Kopfner.
  11. Recommend me good hardcore remixes and songs ty
  12. Seems like a good honest review, cheers m8
  13. no I know. I was just waiting for an official update cause it was very very bad when I used it. was waiting for an update so i know when to buy it again
  14. the beta doesnt flicker for you? has this been addressed yet do you know?
  15. You load the cheat through proofcore's loader?
  16. I feel bad for you. I'm not sure why you invested all in on a crypto. It's never really a good idea to invest all of your money into something. Hope everything works out in the end. At the end of the day, i'd just take it as a very very harsh life lesson.
  17. small brain small brain small brain small brain small brain
  18. Nice choice man haha. Hope you get accepted if you have applied.
  19. The aimbot was quite weak in my experience using it and head prediction doesnt even aim on head. i'd still buy the cheat again tho, just sharing my experience.
  20. gay and likes my cock

  21. I have played on A3Survival which is similar and it works perfectly fine. Obviously, it still has the current issues with the beta such as flickery esp etc. However, none of the features will break because it is a modded server. hope this helps.

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