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  1. It depends if you got reported or not. PUBG also has weird things in place that track mouse movement and make it easy to tell if ur using aimbot I think. Everytime I used the PUBG cheat I was banned other than when I never used aimbot.
  2. It hasn't but PUBG manual bans also and the clips in that video are obvious as fuck lol
  3. why cheat on account with so many skins
  4. no I know. I was just waiting for an official update cause it was very very bad when I used it. was waiting for an update so i know when to buy it again
  5. the beta doesnt flicker for you? has this been addressed yet do you know?
  6. You load the cheat through proofcore's loader?
  7. I feel bad for you. I'm not sure why you invested all in on a crypto. It's never really a good idea to invest all of your money into something. Hope everything works out in the end. At the end of the day, i'd just take it as a very very harsh life lesson.
  8. The aimbot was quite weak in my experience using it and head prediction doesnt even aim on head. i'd still buy the cheat again tho, just sharing my experience.
  9. gay and likes my cock

  10. I have played on A3Survival which is similar and it works perfectly fine. Obviously, it still has the current issues with the beta such as flickery esp etc. However, none of the features will break because it is a modded server. hope this helps.
  11. Proofcore Arma 3 review (Beta) Proofcore Arma 3 is one of the best Arma cheats I have used, with many amazing features as well as being one of the longest undetected Arma cheats I have personally seen. The Arma cheat has many functions such as a variety of troll and shits and giggle functions, such as Throw player in air, Freeze player etc whilst also having all the necessity’s you would look for in a cheat such as ESP, an Aimbot and silent aim. Aimbot From what I’ve used, the aimbot is perfect when used with an aim key and is even good for looking legit. If you want some extra power, smart bullets is also a feature (bullets that follow your targets but wont shoot through walls) which gives you that slight advantage if trying to look legit but not quite rage. The silent aim is perfect, I have been able to mass kill entire cities and server populations using it when trolling. The silent aim is one of the cheats strongest features and works amazingly, even when trying to legit just shooting 5 – 6 times and then holding your head silent aim key to guarantee your kill does not like suspicious at all. I haven’t been banned from any servers that I have ‘legit cheated’ on so far with Proofcore and I believe if you want a cheat that is easily hidden this is a cheat for you. ESP Proofcore’s ESP is very in depth and informative with everything you need. Whether you are looking for a simple box esp for all players or a box ESP with faction affiliation information, whether they are in a vehicle or not and even their name and what gun they have. Proofcore’s ESP in the OLD arma cheat was seamless with absolutely 0 issues, however in the Beta recode there is currently some issues. On servers with a higher population, the ESP and menu will flicker a lot currently. This leaves the cheat sometimes in an unusable state as even the options on the menu cannot be clicked to be toggled on/off. However, this cheat is currently a Beta and I am sure this issue will be fixed in the near future. Misc Options Proofcore’s misc options are small, but useful cheats such as no fatigue, cursor teleport, auto repair and no grass. Although they don’t really have that big of an impact on the overall game. They are useful in practical situations. For example, when playing arma life servers if you forget to buy a redgull its easy to just turn no fatigue on with no risk of a ban. The misc options in proofcore are small but time saving and convenient. Cursor teleport does work however on popular life servers and servers with lower population it is easy to be banned by admins who are aware of cheaters. Additionally, for users with lower end PCs in the misc settings there is a “throttle” option. This allows you to change how much of your CPU the cheat can access, potentially making your games FPS better however making the cheat slightly laggier. It is a good trade off for any proofcore users who maybe have a slightly lower end machine. Player Options (Troll options) Proofcore’s player options are hilarious to play around with and the majority of them work perfectly. Proofcore’s player options include Freeze player, eject player, launch player up or down, goto player and bring player. These are all executable on other players in the server via a player list. The player list is similar to a player list seen in most CSGO cheats with a simple list of player names. I will link a video at the end of this thread by user Risinsun on his youtube channel, please go like his video. Known issues with this currently is that that Eject player, bring and goto player will crash your game. However, as with the ESP options it is currently only a beta and im sure it will be fixed soon. Projectiles Tab The projectiles tab in Proofcore is used to spawn things in at the push of a hotkey. However, it can be used to spawn things in such as bombs and missles, meaning it is a great griefing option. I will link my own video at the end of this thread of me nuking kavala on a server. The projectiles tab is nicely set out and easy to use, it is by far my favourite feature of the beta recode and a great griefing tool. Weapons Tab The weapons tab is used to spawn in any weapon or attachment you want as well as ammo for it. The weapons tab can be buggy, with the weapon not always spawning first try however it usually only takes 1 or 2 attempts. The weapons tab is great for griefing on second accounts if you want to join a server, quickly spawn in a weapon and silent aim everybody in a city. Additionally, I have used this feature on servers like Asylum to spawn in MXMs and MK200s without being banned by admins. I would be careful with this feature on big servers like asylum however, as I haven’t been caught but I think it is possible for admins to catch you. Overall, I highly recommend proofcore Arma 3 and it is a great cheat with an amazing developer and staff team behind it. 2 of the videos below are from Proofcore user Risinsun (Risinsun#9333 on discord). I have his permission to use his videos in this thread.

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