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  1. who did i snitch on good sir
  2. my two favourite games are prob arma 3 and black ops 2. arma 3 is a broken game but it’s fun to get involved in community’s and you make lots of friends just playing on these severs. i started playing arma at the beginning of 2017 and it still really close mates with people that i met back then. black ops 2 was the first game i invested time into and the first console game that i got hooked onto as a kid.
  3. so, i’ve used other dayz cheats but not proofcore in particularly to cheat but it guessing it will be relatively similar: - do not be blatant with knowing where people are (prefiring corners if you have not seen them run there etc) - do not use murdermode 100% of the time (assuming pc has it). using a pistol to 1 tap everyone you see with murder mode will make you look bait ngl - finally use chest murdermode, (if this is anything similar to arma 3) bullets tend to “shotgun” enemy’s heads (test it with friends and you can see what i mean). using chest esp reduces this effect and makes you look more legit that’s all i can think of atm. i’ll reply if i can think of anything else
  4. hola, there is no map esp for the arma cheat. the only esp at the moment is player esp where you see the boxes around the people when in game + health bar If you specificity want map esp i recommend getting a good scrip injector and getting in contact with people or purchasing a private script that can display map esp since i don’t think there is any memory cheats that do this at the moment
  5. use silent aim like @Jackbeansaid. looks more legit in spectator cam for roaching and also more likely to hit shots. also shoot one bullet at a time if you are using a fully auto gun and if it is on koth don’t go too bait as they got me infi banned without any evidence when i wasn’t even going blatant.
  6. it is streamproof if you use software such as OBS on game capture. i have not been able to get it to work on geforce but OBS should be good enough for general gameplay
  7. 75 fov and backwards mouse for the aimlock on head game fov is on 90 and it seem to work best when its updated its gonna be insaneeee trueeeeeeee +1. im 100% legit sir!
  8. just a good gaming mouse sir!
  9. Proofcore on top!
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