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  1. I forgot to write proofcore.io on paper, thank you for your help!
  2. 铁子你怎么通过验证的啊
  3. 我也是。我一直填的都是真实的,但是不通过 很难受
  4. 主持人说我不能通过,所以想来问问通过的老铁们 怎么通过的 ,害 英语不好就是不行
  5. I have followed the identity verification requirements, and my pictures are very clear, but they are rejected by the poor quality of the pictures。 My identity picture is clear Sorry, there is a problem You can apply only once to this position Error code: 2app_cant_apply I think I made a mistake, please close this thread
  6. 我的图片都很清晰 但是却没通关
  7. My application verification failed, but I cannot apply again,why?
  8. 没钱就快爬回去搬砖,就是看不起你们这种胡乱加钱卖的傻狗
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