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  1. For The King, on steam you'll be kicking each others' ass while trying to play the story
  2. Dayz HWID bans, i.e. BE spoofers are not hard to find EAC ones are a nightmare if you want just look around in epvp, there are working BE ones
  3. THanks for the review buddy!
  4. IP ban is a myth. no it does not work with IP u only need an EAC spoofer
  5. haha GL bro tell us about it after using!
  6. Paris

    DayZ Recode

    What are the big changes? Love updates but changelog would help a lot.
  7. Paris

    school sucks

    lulz same here's my version college student cheat on games i like food i like beer i like sleep i like games im a simple man on the verge of diabetes

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