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  1. That's really impressive lol.
  2. I lasted somewhere around 5 - 6 months using Drusk's cheat. In the end though, It was my fault. I'm hoping it'll be different this time with proofcore. I've heard nothing, but good things. I'm liking the aim-bot. What do you think is more likely to get you banned? Aim-bot, or ESP? Though I guess this depends on the players play style.
  3. I've got a question to propose to you guys. 9 times out of 10, when a hacker gets banned, they blame it on the cheat. This is just from my experience, and the people I've come across. Say a cheat hasn't been detected, and you played, as safe, as you could. Do you blame the ban on the cheat, or the player? Hypothetically, say you play so safe, it doesn't look like you're even cheating. The cheat hasn't been detected either. How long can you last? Weeks? Months? Years maybe? What has your experience been like?
  4. .ponyo

    R6S Uplay

    Yeah, dumb question I guess lol. Safe to use discord, as well? Noticed it says to disable all overlays, and whatnot including discord. I also noticed in the instructions, it says “open steam/uplay”, then “open loader”. Is that correct? It seems strange to have uplay open, while injecting? A bit taboo don’t you think?
  5. .ponyo

    R6S Uplay

    I’m just curious, is the uplay version of R6 supported?
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