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  1. Thanks for your review glad you are enjoying it and thanks for the suggestions
  2. Please do not invest if you do not know what you are doing. You will probably still make profit considering its a crypto just wait a few months. Also life isnt about money 40k is nothin compared to what you will see in your lifetime don't make a stupid decision over something that is easily re gainable
  3. Glad you are enjoying proofcore thanks for the review ?
  4. Glad you are enjoying proofcore, Thanks for the review
  5. Sierra


    Glad you are enjoying, thanks for your review
  6. Glad you are enjoying ProofCore , thanks for the positive review ?
  7. Thanks for the review Toxic, Glad you are enjoying our cheat and we are happy to have you as a customer
  8. Sierra

    Apex cheat fragen

    1. No 2.No 1809-2004
  9. You can make it look legit you can change the fov and smooth to your liking

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