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  1. welcome we only support 1809-2009 for dayz and arma,apex and for pubg only 1809-1909
  2. Glad you are enjoying ProofCore , thanks for the positive review
  3. There is a program called defender control you can permanently disable windows defender, until you wanna re enable it
  4. 1. Yes only origin 2.No spoofer included 3.https://proofcore.io/forums/forum/11-media/
  5. You will need to remove the non raided drives to be safe
  6. You probably need to verify again as that seems like it was from the beginning of last year and you no longer have the verified role
  7. What are your pc specs ? there is a bug with dayz,arma rn that amd cpu users are getting pretty large fps drops. This will be fixed in the recode coming soon tho
  8. everything listed here ,arma/dayz is getting recoded very soon so you can expect bug fixes / more to come
  9. No we only support steam version of pubg
  10. No it does not come with a spoofer
  11. Thanks for the review Toxic, Glad you are enjoying our cheat and we are happy to have you as a customer
  12. Dual boot should not cause a problem as long as you are not using it on a VM
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