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  1. What do you mean 24hr eac logs accounts for months it all depends on when they started to log. DO NOT play on your main account make a smurf to play on and use a spoofer
  2. Thanks for your review glad you are enjoying it and thanks for the suggestions
  3. Please do not invest if you do not know what you are doing. You will probably still make profit considering its a crypto just wait a few months. Also life isnt about money 40k is nothin compared to what you will see in your lifetime don't make a stupid decision over something that is easily re gainable
  4. Sierra

    h1z1 media

  5. Glad you are enjoying proofcore thanks for the review
  6. We do not provide a spoofer but if you have one of your own you can use it after you load the cheat yes
  7. Hopefully they make the game good and it lasts
  8. There is no smoothing aimbot, but the new silent aim looks legit it wont go thru walls etc. Also there is a option to enable the same old murdermode if u do want to go thru walls
  9. Glad you are enjoying proofcore, Thanks for the review
  10. Dayz works fine on 20H2
  11. Sierra


    Glad you are enjoying, thanks for your review
  12. Glad you are enjoying ProofCore , thanks for the positive review
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