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  1. I'd really like to see how you get 120-160 FPS without the cheat in KOTH in combat as well...
  2. All prices have been reduced permanently! You can find the new prices below, they are enabled for direct store purchases already. Our reseller prices will be updated shortly. Game: up to [discount %] off 1 week - 2 weeks - 1 month Store link PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS: up to 44% off $23.99 - $36.99 - $49.99 https://proofcore.io/forums/store/product/10-playerunknowns-battlegrounds/ Apex Legends: up to 29% off $23.99 - $36.99 - $49.99 https://proofcore.io/forums/store/product/12-apex-legends/ DayZ Standalone: up to 25% off $29.99 - $49.99 - $69.99 https://proofcore.io/forums/store/product/6-dayz-standalone/ ArmA 3: up to 25% off $29.99 - $49.99 - $69.99 https://proofcore.io/forums/store/product/15-arma-3/
  3. Discount Code: "blackfriday" Valid until 12/01/2020 12:00 AM (CET) Can only be used for direct (non-reseller) store purchases (BTC & LexPayments Credit / Debit Card...) Enter here during checkout: Enjoy & stay safe!
  4. Hello! I'm happy to announce that our DayZ Standalone, ArmA 3 and Apex Legends Cheats are undetected & available for purchase! DayZ and ArmA 3 have been in BETA testing since July without any bans. We were forced to delay the release multiple times due to different reasons, but now they are finally available for all proofcore users to purchase again! Thanks to everyone who participated in the closed BETA, you played a great role in ensuring the safe and successful re-release of our cheats! Furthermore, Apex Legends has been fully rewritten and is undetected & available for purchase again as well. The following changes have been done to the cheats: DayZ & ArmA 3 (undetected since early July): The random BSODs that usually occurred after 1-2h of playing have been fixed completely and do not happen anymore The overall cheat performance has been improved massively and can be considered "as smooth as internal" The 7 Days price has been lowered from $44.99 to $39.99 (for DayZ, ArmA 3 and PUBG) A third, 14 Days subscription length has been added for $59.99 (for DayZ, ArmA 3 and PUBG) Apex Legends (undetected since early November): The random BSODs that usually occurred after 1-2h of playing have been fixed completely and do not happen anymore The cheat is now internal and runs even smoother & cleaner than ever before The 7 Days price has been lowered from $34.99 to $29.99 (for Apex) A third, 14 Days subscription length has been added for $39.99 (for Apex) Please download the new loader from https://proofcore.io/forums/files/, any old version won't work anymore. Users who have the "Verified" or "Customer" role and had an active subscription when the cheats got detected can request compensation here: https://proofcore.io/forums/support/ Note: This will be the last time that you will have to request compensation manually, any future downtime will be compensated automatically without you having to create a support ticket. (small arma preview (which has a "normal" aimbot as well now that is really fun), updated screenshots for all games coming soon)
  5. Seems like Bohemia did not enjoy your video (or our cheat) lmao
  6. Hello! We just released a brand-new cheat for PLAYERUNKNOWN's BATTLEGROUNDS! It can now be bought in our store for 44.99 USD per week and 89.99 USD per month. The cheat features Player ESP, Item ESP as well as Aimbot and even more Misc features. Further information on the cheat can be found here: https://proofcore.io/cheats/pubg/ The cheat is available for purchase to users who have the "Verified" or "Customer" role here (BTC) If you want to purchase with alternative payment methods such as PayPal or Credit Card, please read this: https://proofcore.io/forums/announcement/1-regarding-credit-card-payments-read-me/
  7. Jap genau, wie @Koerperklaus bereits geschrieben hat, das hat nicht mit der Sicherheits bzw Detections zu tun. Aber gerade Razer Synapse hat in der Vergangenheit für User zu Problemen mit den Cheats geführt und da man es nicht zu 100% deaktiveren kann macht es am meisten Sinn das einfach zu deinstallieren.
  8. There actually is a proofcore Steam group already that was made in early 2018. It's pretty dead though: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/proofcore
  9. Really good video, I've added it to our Apex Legends info page since we really needed a new video there: https://proofcore.io/cheats/apex-legends/
  10. Thanks for this honest review. However, I don't really understand why you bought this cheat in the first place if it lacks the features that you want. We never advertised any other features than ESP and MurderMode and according to your review, those work fine.
  11. Hello! We just released a brand-new, internal cheat for Deadside! It can now be bought it our store for 9.99 USD per week and 19.99 USD per month. The cheat features Player, Cannibal, Bandit, Military and Item ESP as well as Aimbot and Speedhack! The cheat is available for purchase to users who have the "Verified" or "Customer" role here (BTC & CC): (cheat info page coming soon)
  12. Loader up again & updated - Changelog - 50% (!) Discount - Automated CreditCard Payments - Some personal thoughts Loader up again & updated: Our loader received a full recode and is finally up again. We know it has been frustrating for all of you to wait for nearly a week without really knowing what's going on, however, this was necessary and we have a surprise for all of you that should hopefully compensate it. The new version can be downloaded here, any old version won't work anymore: https://proofcore.io/forums/files/file/1-loader/ You can request compensation for the downtime here: https://proofcore.io/forums/support/ Changelog: Login system Full backend rework Lots of visual changes Due to the loader update, some things changed in our forum as well: To buy a cheat again ("renew"), you can now directly go to our store and rebuy it from there (instead of having to renew an existing purchase) You don't have to copy a key and enter it in the loader anymore to receive a subscription, the loader will automatically recognize your subs when you log in HUGE Discount: To apologize for the unexpected downtime & to make sure no one of you guys gets bored while staying at home, we decided to start a big discount in two stages: (all times are GMT+2 / Central European Summer Time) Stage 1: 50% OFF ON ALL PRODUCTS until 14.04. 03:00 (next 48h) Code: "SORRY" Stage 2: 35% OFF ON ALL PRODUCTS until 19.04. 03:00 (5 days, starts after Stage 1 is over) Code: "COVID19" The discount applies for Bitcoin as well as for CreditCard purchases in our store. Simply enter the code and it will reduce the price by the given %. Automated Credit / Debitcard Payments: After countless issues with PayPal we decided to remove it completely for now and instead accept CreditCard payments. Those can be done directly in our store, simply go to the store page, search for the CC payment option and head to checkout. After the payment, you receive a key which can be redeemed here: https://proofcore.io/forums/redeem/ No need to wait for manual activation anymore, our payment system is automated & simple to use. We are happy to receive feedback from you guys as this is still in testing stage, if you have any issues please let me know immediately via PM on Discord or here @Jannik12131. Happy Easter
  13. Hello. The waiting has come to an end. Our cheats for DayZ Standalone and Apex Legends just received huge updates including lots of visual as well as feature changes. Our other games (especially ArmA 3) will receive big updates very soon. Moreover, new games are coming too! User Interface: Mouse menu added Colorchanger added for certain ESP options New font Multiple other visual changes Below you can see our new menu. It looks the same in every game (with different options depending on the features of course)! DayZ Standalone: Player Name ESP added Location ESP added Item ESP filters fixed Speedhack added Below you can see a small showcase of the speedhack. Please keep in mind that this video is not fast-forwarded! Apex Legends: Aimbot "random flicks" fixed Glow/Outlines added Below you can see how the glow ESP looks ingame! ArmA 3: No update yet but coming very soon. A lot of features from the previous (internal) version will come back probably, a script executor is being worked on as well. In case anyone reads this: More news regarding payments, the website, new cheats and discounts (yes, you heard right) coming very shortly! And please #staythefuckhome
  14. Damn, feels like this was ages ago
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