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  1. Hello. The waiting has come to an end. Our cheats for Rainbow Six: Siege, DayZ Standalone and Apex Legends just received huge updates including lots of visual as well as feature changes. Our other games (especially ArmA 3) will receive big updates very soon. Moreover, new games are coming too! User Interface: Mouse menu added Colorchanger added for certain ESP options New font Multiple other visual changes Below you can see our new menu. It looks the same in every game (with different options depending on the features of course)! DayZ Standalone: Player Name ESP added Location ESP added Item ESP filters fixed Speedhack added Below you can see a small showcase of the speedhack. Please keep in mind that this video is not fast-forwarded! Rainbow Six: Siege: Speedhack added SilentAim added Spinbot added Below you can see a small showcase of silentaim & the spinbot! Apex Legends: Aimbot "random flicks" fixed Glow/Outlines added Below you can see how the glow ESP looks ingame! ArmA 3: No update yet but coming very soon. A lot of features from the previous (internal) version will come back probably, a script executor is being worked on as well. In case anyone reads this: More news regarding payments, the website, new cheats and discounts (yes, you heard right) coming very shortly! And please #staythefuckhome
  2. Damn, feels like this was ages ago
  3. Try paying with PayPal accounts balance instead if you are experiencing issues with a card.
  4. You won't find any free cheats for any BattlEye game lmao
  5. Hello. Since quite a lot of different things needs to be announced and noone likes reading long texts, let's not waste any time and get to the important stuff: PayPal has been added to the store: Yes, it's right, you can finally purchase all of our cheats directly from our store with PayPal and without any additional reseller fees! After that, your subscription is added automatically, no need to wait for an administrator to manually approve it! Bitcoin is still available as well, the required confirmation count has been lowered to 1 confirmation so our BTC users are able to start cheating even faster as well! All other payment methods are still available through our reseller @Mar1k. Please don't contact him for PayPal payments anymore, only use the store itself for that. But yes, you need to be "Verified" to purchase with PayPal as well. There is no way to bypass our ID verification system, your transaction will be refused. Prices have been changed: DAYZ, R6S and A3 are 44.99$ /week and 89.99$ /month from now on. APEX is 34.99$ /week and 69.99$ /month from now on. Z1BR, DBDL and ISS are 29.99$ /week and 59.99$ /month from now on. Why have the prices been changed? Adapted prices to the current cheat market PayPal is now available in store without any additional fees (same price as BTC) We now offer a permanent 25% discount for secondary, tertiary, ... subscriptions that can be used by customers that already have an active subscription and want to try a different cheat that we offer for the first time 25% permanent discount for customers on secondary, tertiary, etc subscriptions: To "compensate" the small price increase, we decided to give existing (and future) customers that have at least 1 active sub the opportunity to try a second (and a third, etc) of our cheats for a reduces price. The coupon code "CustomerDiscount25"... ...can be used by users who have the "customer" role (=atleast 1 active sub) ...can only be used for cheats that you haven't purchased before (no renewals) ...gives you a 25% discount if the requirements above are met The coupon code can be entered during checkout as explained below:
  6. I need to add that not every ban is a HWID ban. It some games, it can take multiple bans until your PC gets HWID banned.
  7. This has been fixed, emails work again.
  8. Thanks a lot for this honest review!
  9. Jannik12131


    Correct, Z1BR has never been detected. Aimbot can be configured for both playstyles, legit or rage.
  10. Correct. This version of the cheat has never been detected, any old versions are totally unrelated.
  11. Both versions are supported, Uplay and Steam.
  12. Currently, we only support Windows 10 1809 and 1903. Support for 1909 is planned and will come, no ETA on that yet though.
  13. Our Hunt: Showdown Cheat is internal, it should barely affect the performance at all. Shouldn't cost you more than 5-10% of your performance, so if you get anything above 30 FPS without a cheat, it should be playable for you.

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