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Community Answers

  1. Fixed, looks like the role was removed by accident.
  2. Seems like Bohemia did not enjoy your video (or our cheat) lmao
  3. Jannik

    Cheat Setup

    Jap genau, wie @Koerperklaus bereits geschrieben hat, das hat nicht mit der Sicherheits bzw Detections zu tun. Aber gerade Razer Synapse hat in der Vergangenheit für User zu Problemen mit den Cheats geführt und da man es nicht zu 100% deaktiveren kann macht es am meisten Sinn das einfach zu deinstallieren.
  4. Really good video, I've added it to our Apex Legends info page since we really needed a new video there: https://proofcore.io/cheats/apex-legends/
  5. Thanks for this honest review. However, I don't really understand why you bought this cheat in the first place if it lacks the features that you want. We never advertised any other features than ESP and MurderMode and according to your review, those work fine.
  6. Damn, feels like this was ages ago ?
  7. Try paying with PayPal accounts balance instead if you are experiencing issues with a card.
  8. You won't find any free cheats for any BattlEye game lmao
  9. This has been fixed, emails work again.
  10. Jannik


    Correct, Z1BR has never been detected. Aimbot can be configured for both playstyles, legit or rage.
  11. Correct. This version of the cheat has never been detected, any old versions are totally unrelated.
  12. Our Hunt: Showdown Cheat is internal, it should barely affect the performance at all. Shouldn't cost you more than 5-10% of your performance, so if you get anything above 30 FPS without a cheat, it should be playable for you.
  13. Suggest that in "HSD Suggestions" if you haven't yet.

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