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  1. To follow this guide you will need a USB (minimum of 8GB) and at least 3 working braincells. Please follow this step by step guide. I'm not liable if you fuck something up but its dummy proof. Make sure you are using the correct ISO Go to the link down below and download the desires ISO and download this windows ISO. In the meantime go and download rufus https://rufus.ie/en/ After you have downloaded Rufus and the ISO you open Rufus and "Select" the ISO you just downloaded, Make sure ur using Partition scheme "GPT" and Target system "UEFI" leave the format options as is as long the USB you are using is fat32, Press START and wait till the download is complete. Now procced to restart your computer and go into bios as long as u have saved everything you need on your computer since this will erase everything on ur drives. Go to boot options and select the USB stick with the windows ISO and then procced to save and restart. You will boot into the windows installer follow through with the settings and make sure to delete all partitions click on all drives and delete the content. Now when u get to the downloading screen it will download s bunch of stuff, at the finish stage it will count down from 10 proceed to pull out usb to ensure ur not getting stuck in a loop ”rare but happens” Now this is the important steps that you HAVE to follow to ensure your cheat can work on your computer Pull out your ethernet cable from your computer and make sure that u dont login to any WIFI thats available when it asks for it. "Procced without internet". When your windows download is ready make sure to go into "Settings" then "Update & Security" and in the "Windows Update" TAB u press "Pause Updates for 7 days". Now when your Windows Updates are paused you can proceed to Disable windows updates via https://winaerotweaker.com/ when you have download "Winaero Tweaker" launch the program with admin permission "Search for a tweak" and search "Update" Go to "Behavior/Disable Window Update" tick the button and now restart your machine. Now its done and you can finish setting up your windows. Remember that after you have followed this guide and reinstalled windows you still have to setup more stuff for your cheat to work - Links - Windows 11 23h2 Realese - https://www.getmyos.com/windows-11-23h2-november-2023-sun-valley-3-64-bit-official-iso-free-download Windows 10 22h2 Realese - https://www.getmyos.com/windows-10-22H2-2022-update-32-bit-64-bit-official-iso-download Windows 10 21h2 Realese - https://www.getmyos.com/windows-10-21h2-october-2021-update-32-bit-64-bit-official-iso-download Defender Control Windows Defender - https://www.sordum.org/9480/defender-control-v2-1/ Winaero Tweaker Windows Updates - https://winaerotweaker.com/
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