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  4. Hi, Can you please tell me the following: -Does the warzone cheat support controllers? - Does this cheat needs hyper v of? My spoofer uses hyper v? - Does the cheat support AMD? Regards,
  5. Last week
  6. Excited to try it out this week.
  7. i'm excited to try. thank you for the review
  8. I assume most delay is due to needing to get approved? Wish to start testing soooon :))
  9. It’s a good chair but still mis some futeres like scrambled bone because the aimbot is pretty oblivious. Or like a hit % so like 100% you hit every shot the lower the more legit. Overall a good chair never got banned using it this is my second month first one being in December 2020.
  10. Ill assume there's no spoofer since its not on the storepage.. Doesnt matter to me ill find one!
  11. Unless its stated in the store page i would imagine no mate. but i'm not 100% sure
  12. Title is basicly the question, ; Does the PUBG cheat has a build in spoofer for my hardware since im banned on PUBG? Regards
  13. https://proofcore.io/forums/support/ make a ticket.
  14. HEy, if i want to login into the loader it says I am not authorized to use this account? What did i worng? Ty, Arvid
  15. 30일 사놓고 너무 구데기 같아서 한 5일정도 쓰고 버렸었는데 요새는 업뎃 좀 됐나여? 아 글구 아직도 ar, dmr 반동제어 구분 안됨? 보안이랑 에임 티 안나는건 맘에드는데 저 2개가 ㅈㄴ 사람 빡치게함
  16. Earlier
  17. Yes, I have installed the virtual network card. Can you tell me which server is accelerated by Qiyou and what mode is set
  18. You can try to install the virtual network card in the settings
  19. 我用的就是奇游,请问是模式几
  20. try using a vpn You can try using the Qiyou accelerator instead of the UU accelerator
  21. Sure, I've tried using a VPN and still can't do it, but it's easy to cheat on it between 8am and 3pm Asian time
  22. Great review, looks like proofcore is making a good work.
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