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  3. If you're being obvious with it then the admin will ofc be watching you closely, like Mr Yoda suggested just use esp if you really want to be safe and not get caught by an admin
  4. when I choose a body it will not be detected by the administrator?
  5. We have body and head, you can choose which you would like to target
  6. and is assisting targeting a part of the body other than the head suspicious?
  7. If you really want to closet cheat. only use ESP and don't run up to every person you can see with ESP
  8. Please have a look on https://proofcore.io/cheats/pubg/ Supported OS: Windows 10 & Windows 11
  9. as in the subject, some ways how to use the cheat not to be detected by the admin? DayZ
  10. Yesterday
  11. You won't be able to use our cheat if your spoofer makes permanent changes and changes everything on start up, a spoofer is really supposed to change your HWID temporarily til you restart your PC, then you should go back to your original HWID
  12. Thank you for your answer Master Yoda ! It does actually... Permanent change for cleaners (everything deleted stays deleted), bios, volumes and also registry/computer name and the mac adress. What can I do ?
  13. You can use your spoofer after you have injected the cheat as long as your spoofer does not make any permanent changes
  14. Hi, I would like to buy the Arma 3 cheat in the next few days but as I am HWD ID ban on my PC I use a spoofer made by a friend. As far as I know, its seems that the loader lock your HWD ID and will block you if it sees a different one. Usually you have to spoof your PC before loading any cheats. (Thats the first thing I do when I start my computer) What can I do in order to avoid being block by the loader everytime my HWD ID is changing ? (look like this question is asked a lot by poeple who got blocked by the loader) Would appreciate any input from the admin ! Kind regards, McFly Wilder
  15. Last week
  16. The cheat should be stream proof on Discord, have seen a few customers say it is stream proof when streaming the game, also stream proof on OBS
  17. Hello, I'm interested about the DayZ Standalone cheat but before do my applications. I wanted to know if the cheat is Streamproof with a screenshare on discord or the streamproof only works on OBS or SLOBS ?
  18. Unlink your discord account here: https://proofcore.io/forums/settings/login/?service=3
  19. Hello, I accidentally joined the discord with an alt I don't have access to. When I try and join again, it keeps coming up with the alt and I can't sign out. Anyway I could get an invite through a pm or something? Thank you.
  20. Yeah,... So I can't install and play it on PC. But I still can get the uncut physical version on ps5 from another Country. Usually I am no console gamer but I have no other option for Dying Light
  21. Oh really? That is definitely going to suck for sure..
  22. Will be super fun I guess, besides the shit fact that I live in the only country that will have a cut version.......
  23. Super hyped myself for Dying Light 2
  24. 1. Warzone 2. Recently came back to PUBG after 3 years paused, enjoy it right now. 3. Can't wait for Lost ark any longer 4. Hyoed for Dying Light 2
  25. Yes you can buy the PUBG cheat currently
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