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  5. Is the dayz client updated for the new dayz update?
  6. Thank you @Monolid and @gator. Much appreciated. 🙂
  7. We all know that the community has good privacy and security, so you're right. The price is reasonable, the product is good. I appreciate
  8. Why do proofcore require ID verification? That's probably the first thing you ask yourself when you see our requirements and the answer is quite simple. The more we keep the community closed and exclusive, the less likely it is that our software will fall into the wrong hands. While we do have security in place for such things, we also want to minimize risks and one of our ways of doing so is by not being completely open the public. People might think "what are the odds an anti-cheat will buy your cheat?" and that's a good point. The odds probably are pretty slim that an anti-cheat will want to buy our cheat just to detect it, but the odds are even slimmer that they are going to want to go to the effort of submitting such documents to do it. It's also not just about anti-cheats buying the cheat to try to mess with it, but other people too. Is ID verification safe? Again, this is probably something you've asked yourself. When people see "ID Verification", I imagine they shudder at the thought of it, when in reality it's not as daunting as you might think. There are too many people out there who think we need to see everything, but we don't. The only information we ask to see from your ID is: The ID photo Your name Your DOB The ID's expiry date Everything else can be covered up. We do not need to see any unique ID numbers, your address or anything other than the four things I listed above. Not only can you cover up most of your ID for your peace of mind, we recommend it and we also recommend you add a watermark across your images to say something like "only valid at proofcore.io on 02/02/2024" or you can write whatever you like. We've been doing this for years and if you follow our guidance, your information will be completely safe (and even if it wasn't, it can't be used for any other purpose due to the watermarks, etc.). We'll even delete your application upon request once it has been processed. How many people can see the information I submit? Only the Community Manager (Silverback) processes applications and nobody else has access or can see them (not even our staff team have access to them). If you see the view count go up on your own application, that can happen if you keep viewing it or refreshing it, so please take note of that. I don't have an ID, what can I do? If you do not have a government-issued photo ID or it has been expired for a while, you'll need to submit something with your photo and name on, such as a student ID, or whatever you have in conjunction with a supporting document that also has your name on, such as a bank card (you can cover the numbers, it would only need to show your name) or an official letter with the logo/letterhead (again, it would only need to show your name) and it will be considered. This does not guarantee you will be verified, but people have been verified under such circumstances before. Is there an age limit? No, not as long as you meet the requirements we've put in place. How long does verification take? We say "up to 24 hours", but nothing ever really takes that long at all. The applications are checked multiple times throughout the day and have been known to take a few minutes to a few hours, it just depends on the timing and time zones, etc. How do I apply? What a great idea, you should go here -> https://proofcore.io/forums/application/form/1-application-for-proofcore/ If you have any further questions, feel free to add me (Silverback) to Discord, my username is proofcore
  9. Customer since mid 2022, on and off because of real life and other games. My first review of DayZ, PUBG and COD: https://proofcore.io/forums/topic/22098-dayz-pubg-cod-review/ Fortnite Cheat Awesome cheat, waited so long for it and finally got it. All features work. With some fiddeling of the settings the aimbot can look very natural and legit but with rage config it can also be hitting hard. Not a single ban within the testing phase and since I purchased my subscription. ESP is awesome, aimbot can be optimized for far ranges. Prediction works great even for snipers. Hiting on long ranges is always possible. Worth every single penny of that 60$. Undetected is most important. 10/10 ❤️
  10. I see you already got the subscription, so welcome and have fun. For others that might read it: It takes a few minutes for the transaction to confirm by the Bitcoin or Litcoin Network.
  11. Crypto payments are automatically confirmed within minutes. As soon as the transaction is confirmed, you will receive a e-mail. https://proofcore.io/forums/files/
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