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  3. How do you change ur ip without vpn? I know static and dynamic, i have dynamic ip but it doesnt reset even if i unplug router for long and so on?
  4. Make sure to change your ip before using new accounts don’t vpn as most servers have detection and cf can detect as well and that leads to links if you change ip and never link it to your banned account you should be fine
  5. Yesterday
  6. Use OBS for recording or medal. Kill different body parts (Multi point randomizer) and dont kill the same players over and over. Use a legit aged DayZ account and not a 0h one. Also dont have the same ingame username as your cheat/forum username.
  7. Last week
  8. Any1 got anygood tips on how to get it streamproof to continue clipping with nvidia instead of medal, and tips on how to succesfully ban evade a cftools ban on dayz for a longer period of time?
  9. So if I were to get banned but I spoofed beforehand I will be able to return to legit play?
  10. Can the spoofer "protect" my original hwid if I always spoof before using the cheat?
  11. Neither are detected and haven’t been for a long time. However, it is still very easy to get banned on both games if you’re blatantly obvious with your cheating. Try to keep your aimbot settings as legit as possible and try to avoid ESP as wallhacks will always look obvious no matter how good you are at acting.
  12. My recommendation would be to NEVER buy a lifetime cheat from any provider for any game. Even if it’s from a reputable provider with a good track record, the game could come out with a massive update that detects the entire cheat and leaves your lifetime license useless
  13. Typically when verifying someone’s identity, you need their name, date of birth, and a photo. Not sure the exact reasoning on their end, but I would imagine it has something to do with not wanting to sell to minors
  14. Nice 👍 What are your settings? Looks so legit!
  15. Hello everyone😀 This is my second video and I wanted to share it with you
  16. got my access 😄 thanks for the help
  17. got an email right now.. the 2fa is removed the account name is hdt6
  18. What's the username of your lost account?
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