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  4. You can buy here with creditcard and crypto: https://proofcore.io/forums/store/ We also have a exchanger on our Discord that takes Alipay.
  5. 那你后期怎么解决的啊??谁帮你解决的?
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  7. Hello does loot esp works in modded servers ? Whit modded stuff ?
  8. death dance can you acczept my discord friend request im Shiro i will join in the discord i got the llink say me eorng try later
  9. I never use arma 3 cheat but I can tell you the Dayz one is really good and because Arma and Dayz are on the same engine I think it will be a bit the same. To stay safe don’t use server options like exploding players or silent aim. Just use esp/aimbot and you wil be safe. I don’t know how a admins word on the servers there. Here is some info: https://proofcore.io/cheats/arma-3/ maybe watch some videos for some more info: look up proofcore Arma 3. Hoop this helps you.
  10. Hey, I am going to buy arma 3 cheat when my pc arrives in december, what are features that will get me banned on these altis life servers. I know they are undetected but i know admins can sometimes still see some things. LMK
  11. This can be a bit underwhelming review as I never use any features in all my cheese except player ESP. ESP 10/10 1. I love how minimalistic and light the loader is. This is prolly the only loader I've seen that's so responsive. 2. ESP Works wonders with quick on/off just for the kicks. I tend to turn it off after checking the vicinity and/or while traveling to minimize any possible unintended suspicious behavior from my own. 3. The cheat is stream proof (Tested on Discord only) - Both game stream and screen share did NOT show that you're using this beauty. 4. After sales care was superb. No bullshit just straight to the point -> Create a ticket with full details = Fix received in less than 12hrs. *I've played total 35 matches as I write this review. I'll use this on my main account once I reach 50 games without problem. **As for new players checking to see if this cheese is worth the purchase, I highly suggest you do. You won't regret it. ESP밖에 안써서 조금 부족하겠지만 없는 것보다 나을거라 생각해 후기 남김. 일단 ESP는 10/10임. 1. 로더 자체가 초경량이라 반응도 빠르고 주입도 빠름 2. ESP 껏다키기 (기본 옵션이긴 하지만)로 수시로 주변 확인하면서 돌아다니면 100% 안걸린다고 보면 됨. 키고 다녀도 상관 없는데 본인이 무의식적으로 의심될 만한 행동을 할 수 있으니까 껐다 필요할때만 키는 거 추천. 3. 디코에서 화면공유랑 게임스트림 둘다 핵쓰는 거 안보임. (디코만 테스트해봄) 4. 문제 생기면 영자한테 징징거리지 말고 바로 서포트 티켓 끊으셈. 준비하라는 거 한번에 다 업로드 해줘야 빨리 처리해줌. 가끔 한국애들이 무지성 승질부리는 거 보이는데 1도 도움 안됨. (도움 필요하면 나한테 DM하삼)
  12. I'm a Chinese player, use the translator to talk to you! I don't even know how to add your friends! How can I contact you and buy cheats! If you can't buy it, don't buy it! It's so hard to speak!
  13. It's too hard to find you to buy! People are not online, how to buy ?? I'm a Chinese player, use the translator to talk to you! I don't even know how to add your friends! How can I contact you and buy cheats! If you can't buy it, don't buy it! It's so hard to speak!
  14. That is true but you can also no use it or just set it to 50 meters or something like that.
  15. Add me on discord, Death's Dance#0001
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  17. Hi. Am desperate to contact staff with details I rather not mention on public but can't join the discord without being verified and can't view member list on the forum. What is the best way for me to get in touch please? Thanks
  18. Aim looks OK, but bro it's very very easy to see you r using WH! when using WH you lose 100% your "sense of judge" about how easily is to identify a cheater..
  19. They can’t switch but they can change there name and set there character some were with really good loot you will attack and shot a invisible admin. If you want to see how admins go to work lookup: AnarchyHD on yt. Look for the videos: admin makes a cheater rage. Or thinks like that because he isn’t making admin videos anymore. and use the something to look out for is CFTool because the cab see what body part you hit so don’t shoot all headshots because you wil be banned.
  20. Thanks, thats good to know. Do you know if the server admins just switch from person to person and view gameplay? Or is there any correlation with like how many kills you get or something like that? Either way I know the basics of closet cheating so I think Ill be alr, just trying to get some background knowledge in on this game so I know when to be extra careful and so forth Btw if anyone is down to play my discord is c4ptainism#0001 I suck ass at this game (for now) but I'm a solid team player
  21. Dayz only battleye, server admins. no overwatch but they do have admins and they can f you over. I have cheated for a few months and never got banned but if you get banned you get banned from a lot of servers because they share banlists.
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