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  4. Awesome, that's pretty smart. RAID-0 makes the HWID null, therefore bypassing the AC checks for it. Thanks for the answer!
  5. Hi, you can get HWID banned, we do not provide a spoofer, but you can setup Raid-0, which is much cheaper and works better than a spoofer
  6. Hello everyone. I have some questions regarding the HWID. Does BattleEye for Arma3 bans HWID? If it does, do you guys provide an undetected HWID Spoofer? Back in my day of cheating there wasn't any of these shitty AC measures, I miss the good ol'days of BFBC2 and CSS cheating...
  7. i just reinstall windows and move my ssd to another slot after i format it
  8. Last week
  9. Does ARK cheats have esp to see vaults and storage box's?
  10. No ETA for when Apex will be released, it should hopefully be released soon as it is currently being tested internally
  11. Earlier
  12. Did all my Purchases over him ( 5+). Trustable, fast and helps when you got a question. Easy Communication through Discord. Can recommend 10/10. PS I love Silverback
  13. It will just take you to a page that says this product is no longer available
  14. Thanks @Memes for your quick response. But why is it still shown to buy then? With status as green as well. So, If i buy now from the listing page, It won't work?
  15. The battlefield 2042 product has been discontinued
  16. I believe the battlefield 2042 product has been discontinued for the foreseeable future.
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